A Patootie in my Garden

Now introducing: Patootie.

or P.Toots

or Tootie

or Toots

or Tea Bag

or P.T. Cruiser

or White Ninja

Here’s a shot of Toots looking out where the big mama agaves used to be. Last week we finally found a home for the last of the agave I harvested back in the summer. They are a perfect addition to a new garden we landscaped in Moss Beach.

The client, Karen, must have thought I was crazy when I asked, “Exactly how much do you like agave?”.  I informed her they were basically like my soul mates or my children… no better! These agave were like a whole batch of freshly baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, that I know I can’t/shouldn’t keep to myself but really wanted to.

After much soul searching I decided to give up my cookies….. err…. wait, agave – and planted them at Karen’s. They look incredible and she is very pleased.

In their place, along the white picket fence, are some new little strawberries that just got potted up last week. And a Patootie dog watching over the joynt.

In the Garden

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