Dirty Girl Clean

Introducing our new product line: Dirty Girl Clean

These are all hand-made, organic body products. We are offering herbal infused sugar scrubs, hand grown and harvested teas, and plant infused water refreshers. All Dirty Girl Gardening products are environmentally and socially sound, and all ingredients are bought from companies with similar values and located as close to the Bay Area, as possible. They are also hand-made in small batches to ensure perfection!

More products will be added throughout the Winter, but for now please contact us for any details and be sure to place your orders by emailing at gardenerj@gmail.com – or visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/dirtygirlclean

A little more about these products:

Sugar Scrubs:

These sugar scrubs are made with turbinado sugar, almond oil, and once essential oil. All essential oils are the highest quality on the market and are the purest form of plant base you can infuse. The sugar scrubs are meant to relax, rejuvenate and exfoliant your skin. They are not intended for internal use or to be used on the face.  They are best used in the shower; once clean, pour about a table spoon or two into your hand, and massage arms, hands, feet, lower back, etc. You do not have to rinse the oil completely off, as it acts as a natural moisturizer to your skin.  If you have bought the vanilla sugar scrub, you will find one half or one whole organic vanilla bean inside.

Water Refreshers:

These refreshers are made simply out of distilled and filtered water and a few drops of one essential oil. I have tested them on every fabric imaginable and have not found a trace of staining – although I do suggest testing yourself before applying a large amount. These are best used on your face, hair, and body. They can also be used on your clothes, sheets, towels, dog beds, curtains, couch, etc. (My two dogs love the lavender spray most!) The water refresher is not intended to be used internally or around any sensitive body areas.

Organic Herbal Teas:

Our teas offered are very limited, as they are grown and harvested by our company alone. They comprise mostly of mint, rose petal and lemon verbena, although I am mixing and testing new tea blends all the time. The plants come from my personal garden and our Wildflower Farm, located in Half Moon Bay, CA.

**We do offer custom blend products and a price discount on large quantities.

***Please inquire at gardenerj@gmail.com for more information, and an opportunity to sell these fine products at your store!


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