Ancient Trees! WTF?

Recently addicted to Peet’s peppermint hot chocolate (for shame! I know…), I was waiting for my sugar rush and browsed the tea section. In said tea section, I noticed a tea called “Ancient Trees”.

Since the label exclaims “Rare Teas”, I got worried. So google helped me find the corporate head quarters mailing and email address! My email went as follows:

Jenn – “Does the ‘Ancient Trees’ tea in fact contain ancient trees (old growth none the less)? That would really suck. Please advise. Jenn Segale”

Peet’s has not yet replied.

If you would like to ask them, the address is:

Peet’s Corporate Offices

Mailing address:
Peet’s Coffee & Tea
P.O. Box 12509
Berkeley, CA 94712-3509

Home Office
1400 Park Ave
Emeryville, CA 94608

Toll-free phone number:
800-999-2132 in the US and Canada
(From Mexico and countries outside of North America, please call 510-594-2950)


**Ohhh, and to help save ancient old growth trees – don’t buy this tea and donate here

In the Garden

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