Umm, don’t take the free “compost” SF is giving away.

“Compost is the sine qua non of organic gardening and farming. But the material that San Francisco is giving away to homeowners, gardeners, and the general public is toxic sewage sludge masquerading as compost. This is why the Center for Food Safety (CFS) has petitioned the City to immediately stop its “compost giveaway events” that will spread toxic sludge to homeowners’ backyards, increasing the risk of health problems to children and the community. “I do not believe the Mayor and leadership of San Francisco can have been aware that the compost being given away is heavily contaminated with hazardous and toxic material. Now that they know I am sure they’ll stop this giveaway program,” said Laura Orlando, an adjunct professor of Environmental Health at the Boston University School of Public Health.”

In the Garden

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