Propagation 101

We did some propagation this morning… a big word that means break off a plant and stick it in the dirt. Here’s how:

Grab some free plastic gallon pots from your local nursery… you really don’t have to ask, just find the nearest dumpster and dive! Then get the best soil you can find. This is a picture of a mix of 50% compost and 50% topsoil and nitro-infused redwood shavings.

Find an over grown plant… like my sedum here. You can easily pull succulents apart in small clumps and replant them into your pots. Don’t worry about being too fussy and careful, they will reproduce quickly with a fresh pot of soil and light but consistent water.

Taaaa daaaa! All done!

With an average amount of sun, these succulents will root about 40% of the pot within two months. No fertilizing. No drip irrigation. We just leave them alone and let them do their thang!

In the Garden

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