Gucci to the rescue!

I always knew fine couture would save the world one day!

Gucci isn’t just another fabulous source for expensive shoes, but they are actively trying to greenwash work on their company’s environmental impact. The bigwigs over at Gucci (who also own YSL, McQueen, McCartney, and Balenciaga) have announced that they are no longer using any paper products that come from the Indonesian rainforest. Indonesian actually supplies much of America’s paper products, and paper manufacturing represents about 15% of all annual greenhouse gas emissions.

“Standing rainforests are not a luxury, they’re a necessity if the world wants to stop climate change,” said Mimma Viglezio, executive VP for global communications at the Group. “Our actions are lowering our own carbon footprint, but we hope that they will also raise awareness inside the fashion industry that it’s possible for our industry to make a difference for rainforests and for the climate.”

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