Greenwashing… and I don’t mean cleaning your veggies!

Greenwashing is used everyday by thousands of companies, and is pretty easy to spot if you have your eyes open. For example, do you really think Shell oil company is “sustainable”?

Oil we take from the earth = Sustainable?

Hmm. Not so much.

Or… Do you really think Monsanto’s (THE INVENTORS OF AGENT ORANGE AND ROUNDUP AND A SLEW OF OTHER DEADLY PRODUCTS) roundup ready soybeans are going to feed the world and end hunger?

Hmm. Eww and Not so much.

Especially since third world countries are rejecting them! Saying they are unsafe!

I.E. – people who are starving say they do not want those dirty ass soybeans!

How can you keep an eye out and try to avoid being scammed by greenwashing yourself… bookmark these sites and check them out from time to time. I know, I know they are not as exciting as Perez Hilton, but hey information can be just as addicting as the latest picture of Spidey!

Corp Watch


Greenwash Report

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