Fall in the Garden

Fall is the best time of year to plant. Most of your existing plants are at a time in the year they do not need to take up many nutrients and are slowing down their growing rate, thus leaving more nutrients and moisture in the ground for the new plants. The ground is not too wet and not too dry. And planting now gives you a bit of time for the plants to establish before the wind and rains come – but the advantage to have extra rain in the winter to take root.

Now the question is not when to plant – but what to plant… Here are a handful of my favorite things to buy ( and where to buy them.. clickclick) and plant this time of year:

#1. Fruits & Vegetables!

You know… those colorful things they put at the edge of your cocktail!



Garlic, Shallots, Onions


Lemon Trees

Pear Trees

All these are widely available right now, and are most happy when planted now. They can all be planted in pots or directly in the garden. And buy a bunch to plant… you can never have enough strawberries, asparagus or garlic. Just one or two plants is not enough.. grab three to five and toss them in the ground. Come Spring you’ll be happy you did.

#2. Hedges.

Have an ugly spot in your garden that needs filling? Or have an ugly neighbor that needs blocking?

Now is the perfect time to grab those couple extra shrubs to fill in holes along your fence or in the front of your house. It’s something that always gets over looked during Spring and Summer, since there are so many more interesting things to do in the garden tat time of year. Planting a simple box wood, pittosporum or stewartia will help hide anything you need not look at.

#3. Blueberry.

Blueberries could have been in #1. but they really deserve a section all to themselves. Ahhh, blueberries. It’s a sin not to have these somewhere in your garden. They work great in landscapes of any kind. They are beautiful in gardens and grow well in pots. The foliage is gorgeous and changes color throughout the year, the architecture of the branches are dense and beautiful, and the berries are incredibly healthy. If you have never eaten blueberries off of a blueberry shrub, you really are not alive. I’m sorry to say.

In the Garden

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