I’m in Love*

This is my new love… Hyalophora cecropia (I think… have been searching for days now and still have not found if this is in fact the exact match. But I’ve seen these moths around my house a lot, so I’m thinking it’s him. Any clue, anyone?)

I found him while watering my succulent collection, he was brazenly munching the hedge in my front yard. He has been my obsession for a couple weeks now, as any fat, beautiful, interesting creature should be. I talk with him, we listen to podcasts together while I water the plants, I go out and move him to lower branches when I think it’s too hot… He’s pretty amazing and I think it’s getting serious!

I adore his little black, padded feet…. so cute and so reminiscent of Chanel’s flats circa when I wanted a pair of Chanel flats.

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