Why I love My Job, Reason # 9871027357391801

Exhibit A.

Agave Attenuata.

I know I have mentioned these a lot the past few months, but they are incredible. A few streets away from where I live, a family has a huge cluster of them in their front yard. They said it’s been there since 1983 with little to no care or water. They are so prolific and I have been coveting cutting from them for years. I finally took the time to stop and ask if I could trade them some plants. Needless to say they were over joyed to have me thin out the cluster, and believe it or not the two truck loads we took barely made a dent in what they have. Two guys, myself, hand saws, chain saws and a big ass F250 accomplished this job within about an hour.

Dustin – Livin’ the dream!

Giant Agave ready for homes….

Patterns imprinted on the leaves from weight of water inside the leaves.

View from my lounge chair.

We also harvested Aloe in the garden… These are ready for propagation or planting in the garden.

In the Garden

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