Wanna find eco-friendly toilet paper? There’s an App for that!

Iphone apps are all the rage… err something.

Well, the green apps are anyway! Here is a list of my favorite green applications to check out… (Not to completely sell out to Apple – but if we have to be addicted to iphones at least there are some great green apps for them!)

3rdWhale Mobile

This green app connects to the green businesses in your area. Whether you are traveling by car, bike or foot – you can find the closest green business around you. It takes a bit to connect, but gives you plenty of choices… as long as there is a green business for what you are looking for. Very easy to use.

Get Green

This app gives you eco tips everyday. Some of the tips are very basic, but I think any of them are helpful and can be inspiring. They also are updating this app all the time so there will be more and more to come.

Go Green Free

One of my favorites! This app allows you to evaluate different daily situations to determine how green they are.

For example – You can eliminate up to 2 pounds of Co2 by washing your clothes in cold water!

The different facts and figures allow you to learn more about how conserving and changing your everyday habits really impact the environment.

Gorgeously Green Survival Guild

This app gives you valuable information about the types of chemicals in things like makeup and cleaning products. You can find out exactly what is in the makeup you wear everyday. It also gives you info on how to read food and product labels.


Coming soon!

Although this is not out yet, I can’t wait to get it!

I have bought these calendars at hippy green festivals every year… they are beautiful and very inspiring. They show you a more ecological view of each day and how the seasons change. Great for kids or to hang in your office, too. The app will give you info about how the dates relate to migration, tides, moon phases, flora & fauna facts, etc. Love this one!!

**As all of these apps help with “getting greener” none of these companies are non-profit. I also have not included any apps that plant trees for you as I have heard many things about it being a complete scam… still researching that though.

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