Have Earth-Loving, Socially Responsible Sex!

The only cotton you wear is fair trade, your fridge is packed with organic, locally sourced produce, and all of your paper is recycled. But what about your love life? Well thanks to the new French Letter Condoms you can now have that one covered as well.

As well as Aphrodisiac, there are three other varieties available: check out their full range of fair trade condoms, including Stimulating Massage, Sheer Caress and Linger Lust.

The condoms are made entirely from fair trade and FSC certified rubber provided by Fair Deal Trading, and carry the BSI kitemark, so you can be assured that they are as safe as any other available brand.

Each pack contains twelve fair trade condoms.

Whilst you’re in the mood why not also check out other related items: at ethicalsuperstore.com

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