Cal. Coast Poppy Collection

I have been working on a small collection for the Linnean Society of London. In two – five years I will submit a collection of gathered and cataloged California coast wild poppies, seeds, pressed flowers and extensive notes and photographs to go with them. This Spring has been my first time doing this – and I’ve only been out in observation twice over the past couple months – but it’s been amazing to see the vast difference between each naturalized cluster. These clusters are gathered between Montara and south to Santa Cruz.

Above and right below are pictures of a small cluster growing on the cliff at Devil’s Slide in Montara. The sharp salt wind has conformed them to blooming very close to the ground.

The picture below is a group of wild poppies growing on HYW 1 north of Davenport. They are right off the HYW and in front of farm land. They show the more normal growth habit of these wildflowers.

The last one is not the most interesting picture – but when you are standing on the side of a major HYW or cliff taking pictures at 6am, artistic merit is less important. I have some better shots, though… more to come.

In the Garden

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