Irises Exposed!! X-Rated!!


Ever notice a normally lush and beautiful patch of irises stop blooming after a while – or notice the flowers get less and less each year? No matter how much you fertilize them – or how you prune them back in the fall, they just don’t flower like they once did. At this point, my client’s usually ask me to pull them out and buy new ones. Then I blow their minds with this:

Iris rhizomes need to be at least half way uncovered in order to bloom.
Kind of like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or David Hasselhoff where ever they go…

This means – exposed to the sun and water, up from the ground. Naturally we want to bury our plants at the appropriate depth – but for irises, this means only partially buried. Once your irises are planted, the easiest way to expose your rhizomes is to take a hand cultivator or rake and rough up the soil around the plants, then take a broom and simply sweep the excess soil away. It will take minutes and rejuvenate your lovely flowers.

Naughty, naughty iris!

In the Garden

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