The best gardening shirt, ever.

I love holidays. I love gifts. I’m not one of those boring people who say: “I don’t really care about my birthday…”.

I do!

I’m stoked to get all the cool gifts and have people showering me with attention and love!
For Christmas, my favorite gift had to be this “Beat the System” t-shirt. Super soft and cozy and I have yet to find a stain that will stay in it.

Currently, my favorite outfit to garden in (Let’s be honest, anyone who knows me knows that my favorite gardening clothes are my favorite going out clothes, too) is comfy jeans, uggs, and my Beat the System shirt. Love It! Slap on some La Mer and I’m done!
Oh, and there’s more great shirts on the site… they come very eco-friendly, rolled in simple recycled paper. Not delivered in tons of packaging either.

In the Garden

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