Beatrix Potter

Currently reading, Beatrix Potter : A life in Nature

I’m barely through the first few chapters, but this book is so good. Very factual, lots of dates and small details of her growing up, family life, etc. But really good. It forces you to dive into her childhood, through her own notes and journals, so you feel apart of the Potter family. I love the idea of turning the simplest joys and hobbies into your life’s work, and having it become successful!
She had such an eye for observing Nature’s curiosities, and would critique and elaborate on everyone of them.

The Toads Tea Party, illustrated by Beatrix, is one of my favorite examples of her work. I love the fat toads, the details of their little sport jackets and chunky elbows. Eating slices of tansy cake and drinking from acorn tea cups.

In the Garden

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