5 Garden Myths – Debunked!!

1. Mosquito Eaters do not eat Mosquitoes!

Many a night I have ushered (not to be confused with, Urrrshered) in those alleged “Mosquito Eaters”, making sure my boyfriend doesn’t smash them against the wall with the latest National Geographic. Then a friend told me they did not actually eat mosquitoes, then I googled it,
and found they sometimes eat mosquito’s larvae, but that’s about it. Now, I will let my boyfriend smoosh away.

2. Gardening is relaxing and healthy for you.

No my friends, gardening is not always relaxing and good for you. I once had to broadcast a huge canister of snail bait all over a clients garden, the wind switched directions and it ended up all over my face and in my eyes. I spent the rest of the afternoon coughing up diatomaceous earth and I couldn’t remember where my check book was for like, three days.

3. Wood Chip: Friend or Foe?

Foe, I say! Unless you want little or nothing to grow under the wood chips – or want to spend every month over fertilizing your plants, don’t both using wood chips. They suck. They’re usually ugly and reek of pine sweat, and they do nothing for the heath or aesthetics of your garden. Stay away from the dreaded micro-bark, too. It screams home depot special and gives you horrible splinters.

4. Clay soil is bad.

No. Clay soil is great… just in the right quantities. If you have lots of clay soil in your garden, you have a great material you can add to and work with for an optimum growing condition. Try adding composts, manures, and a bit f sand to it. With layering, cultivation and cutting back on the water, it will turn to a wonderful loam.

5. Yellow and wilting leaves means more water.

No and Yes. Yellow and wilting leaves can mean many things: needing more water, too much water, too much wind, too much sun, too much shade, peed on by a huge dog, trampled on by your thoughtless child, etc. The quick solution to yellowing and wilting leaves is not more water… look for more clues on and around the plant, then go from there.

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