Lavender harvest, on the farm.

I’m thrilled to have spent this morning at the farm (Wildflower Farms, my other company), harvesting Lavendula ‘Grosso”, among other herbs. After so many years of coaxing the plants along through severe drought, endless gophers, deer, rabbits and sea-salt wind, I am so proud of these hardy plants. Not only are they producing an abundance of flowers, the base and wood of the plant is strong and flexible (instead of brittle from stress). This lavender is on par (or better) then any lavender we tend to in our landscape design jobs (plants that are highly tended to and have full fertilizer and water).

Today, I just harvested the plants that are in full bloom (with only 25% or less in complete bloom, where the individual flowers on the stem are open), yielding about 22 bunches. Later this week, I will be harvesting slightly younger lavender, exculsively grown for our new product line, launching at the end of summer. I’m so happy to be growing medicinal herbs that will be just for the skincare collection and drinking teas. (Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about the product launch!)

My fingers are greenish and sticky from the harvest and bunching.

And, I’m ready for a nap.