Officially from Winter to Spring.

We normally see the "first day of Spring" as the Spring equinox on March 19th. But if you're an experienced gardener or farmer, you might notice more than just the traditional four seasons in a year. In fact, read up on how young the Gregorian calendar is, and how many cultures celebrate equinox's and solstice's as mid-way points. Once you attune yourself to learning about more than four seasons, you really start to understand your garden better - and this knowledge can even up-level your personal wellness routine. Attuning to your local microclimate indicates the nuanced needs for all of us - especially when it comes to looking and feeling your best. 

In that spirit, this early Spring has been a nice one for my farm. Although California is receiving record rainfall, on the Coastside it's coming a bursts that we can mostly handle. My farm is located on top of a hill, and is half way surrounded by old cypress trees. The water tends to shed off easily, and although the wind definitely did some tree damage, it also took away old branches and excess debris that normally builds up in the canopies. Back in the fall I planted lavender plugs, so my youngest lavender field is very happily putting out roots and above ground growth from all this rain.

Next week we are supposed to have highs in the 70's, so I need to make a few adjustments in my garden at home... and in my skincare routine. When the weather moves from cold and dry, to a bit warmer and more humid, your skincare habits needs to change as well. Simply just remembering we are in a seasonal shift, is the biggest step in this change. When the days get lighter we tend to be outside more and more - so it's important to up your serum game (and always, more sunscreen). 

Below is my personal checklist for March:

  • Move the succulents out from under the eaves to full sun. Clean away any excess soil or decorative gravel built up around the base of the plants. 
  • For the love of Zeus wear sunscreen daily! (How many times do I have to tell you, Jenn?) 
  • It's time to use Spun Gold honey cleanser daily for the month of March. This aids in sloughing off dry winter skin, allowing extra circulation and blood flow in the face and neck. 
  • Weed, weed, weed. Use boiling water for the concrete cracks. 
  • Plant the last of the new perennials in the front garden, with gopher baskets. 
  • Add your first round of organic fertilizing - like cottonseed meal, alfalfa pellets, blood meal, etc. Keep Oolong away for a week or so until it incorporates in the soil. 
  • Use extra Higher Ground serum, especially taking care to reapply during the day on the neck, eyelids (really helpful in improving dry eyes). In the evenings, use gua sha tool with ample serum. 


What is your garden & self-care to-do list? Share below or send us a message on socials. Off to garden...