A brief origin story for March.

Each year I boast about how I have the only birthday there is, that tells you what to do. March fourth. To me it evokes Max from Where The Wild Things Are, down to wearing the crown and staff, leading all those colorful and rambunctious wild things. That's my birthday vibe... just add some champagne and oysters. On March 4th surrounded by friends, family and a pops of champagne bottles... I turned 42. 

March is the time of year that supports plant life growing, flowers emerging and the arrival of Spring. The increased warmth of the sun, longer days and newly cultivated yang energy, March has always felt like a magical month to me not only for my birthday, but for the good gardening. It's a great month to take stock of what you'd like to embrace and grow more of for the year, as well as appreciate past year's growth and successes. 

My connection to nature and my birthday has been long established; one birthday when I was 18, a dear friend and plantsman gave me a huge plant encyclopedia. This book truly solidified the start of my business. I remember carrying it around everywhere, and being completely enthralled with each and every new plant I looked up. I was interested in plants before I was 18 years old, but that June, the day after I graduated High School, I went to the San Mateo County court house (that's how you did it back then) and got a business license. Years prior I worked at flower shops, nurseries and even found professional inspo in my Grandma's garden. When I turned 18 I jumped in full force, farming and doing gardening for $10. per hour. I also started garden writing, primarily working on a one-page garden column with my friend Carla for the Half Moon Bay Review Magazine, which ran for many years. Simultaneously I went to college, focusing on horticulture classes. That tumbled into learning about landscape design, construction and botany field work in Belize and Guatemala. Around 2012 I opened Garden Apothecary, which has grown into a 7500 sq ft retail location and online store. 

A grower friend pointed out to me recently that I have been in business more of my life than I have not been in business. This June will be my 24th anniversary. Thousands of clients and customers later (yes, I did the math on this!) I still feel wet behind the ears. The great thing about botany and agriculture is that you get to always be young, because it takes much more than one life time to learn it all. I'm rooted in gratitude each year that I get to spend time with plants and do what I love. My graying hair gives me that gardener-knows-what-she's-doing vibe. 

Getting old FTW.