Since the election, I have been writing daily tips on twitter, on the concept of gardening as a form of protest. Historically, we have seen that putting our money towards sustainability, organics, equality and small-business is a vote for a more efficient, just and healthy system of living . There are many avenues to support these causes, and for my companies, we start with sowing seeds, selling and giving our crops and educating people on how to grow their own food and medicine. 


With the recent rains this February, the ground has been considerably swollen, dark and teeming weeds. I let a couple weeks go by without tracking the weather too strictly, and without a planting plan. On the third week, I got strategic on what I should plant at the farm on the next available dry day. Last Sunday I got that day; warm, dry and not even a breeze - perfect for sowing small seeds. I tilled up some crud rows in different sunny locations all over the property, since perfection is never something I strive for in farming. I churned up the soil, pulled away the larger weeds and broadcasted thousands of organic seeds. All bought from small, organic farmers, I look forward to these plants growing into something beautiful, profitable for my companies and abundant enough to share for free. It's been a while since I've farmed flowers, so I went a little crazy... here's my list. I'll keep you posted on the progress. 

2/15/2017 On the farm. In no particular order or arrangement. Seed quantities are not exact on all. 

Borage - Borago officinalis 1.5 gm.

Candytufy 1,500 seeds 

Sweet Alyssum 8,700 seeds

Dragon's Tongue beans 50 seeds

Sunflower Mammoth Grey Striped 25 seeds  5.5 gm. + 50 seeds 

Sunflower - Maximilian - Helianthus maximiliani 50 seeds

Sunflower - Hopi Black Dye 25 seeds

"Haagen-Dazs Wildflower Mix"

"Large Sweet Pea Pods"

Virginia Stock 8,000 seeds

Fava Bean 10 seeds

White Yarrow 14,000 seeds

Viscaria oculata 1.5 gm.

Gilia tricolor 1,000 seeds

Scabiosa - Fama Deep Blue 10 seeds

Scabiosa - Fata Morgana (2 unmarked packs from Floret Flowers)

White Sage - Salvia apiana 100 seeds

Nasturtium - Sahins's Paso Double 25 seeds 

Daucus carota - Choclate Laceflower - Dara (unmarked pack from Floret Flowers)

Sweet Pea - Noel Sutton 30 seeds 

Sweet Pea - King's High Scent 40 seeds 

Sweat Pea - Oxford and Cambridge 40 seeds

Sweet Pea - Beaujolais 30 seeds

Sweet Pea - Matucana 20 seeds

Sweet Pea - Apricot Sprite 20 seeds

Sweet Pea - Mr. P (2 unmarked packs from Floret Flowers)

Sweet Pea - Erewhon (unmarked pack from Floret Flowers)

Poppy - Black Swan Pompom 1 gm. 

Poppy - Iceland, Giant Peach (2 unmarked packets from Floret Flowers)

Poppy - Meconopsis - Frances Perry 50 seeds

Poppy - Meconopsis - Lingholm Hybird - x sheldonii 25 seeds

Poppy - Oriental - Fruit Punch 100 seeds

Poppy - Breadseed - Hens and Chicks .5 gm.

Poppy - California .5 oz. 

Stock - Apricot (unmarked pack from Floret Flowers)

Rudbeckia birta - Black-Eyed Susan - Chim Chiminee Mix (unmarked pack from Floret Flowers)

Zinnia elegans - Lilliput Salmon (2unmarked packs from Floret Flowers)

Zinnia elegans - Benary's Giant Salmon Rose 30 seeds

Zinnia elegans - Oklahoma Salmon 50 seeds

Zinnia elegans - Zinderella Peach 50 seeds