Square x Garden Apothecary

Back in early fall of last year; before pumpkins and dried flowers, and before the madness of the holidays, we were able to come together as a team and work along side one of my favorite companies - Square

When I first opened Garden Apothecary back in 2014, I signed up with Square for our point of sale. I ordered the iPad and Square stand and found it to be incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Coming from zero technology to a new POS was a big leap for me, and for the town. I'm pretty sure I was the first shop on Main Street who used Square - and I'm not joking when I say that people freaked out. Some customers were legitimately nervous to use it - which is hilarious seeing as how many millions of businesses now use Square. I even once had a credit card company rep come to the shop and try to scold me into switching from Square to the old fashioned way of accepting cc's (remember when folks would use that hand machine with the three carbon paper). As the years went on Square offered more and more services, and I hopped on board. Our employee management, payroll, inventory, outside app integrations, reporting, invoicing - all through Square. With each new offering, some outside company would assure me that Square was a fad and was "not safe" and I should do things differently (I.E with their antiquated company). 

Over 13 years later, Garden Apothecary still happily uses Square. 

When the Square team reached out to me to feature us in one of their campaigns, I jumped at the offer, and we happily hosted them at our (then) two locations. It was inspiring to see a dedicated team of creatives come together from all over the world to just shoot my little garden in Half Moon Bay. Below are some of the untouched images that I found to be special, light and lovely. 


Obligatory chicken-on-the-desk photo made possible by Big Mama. (RIP Big Mama)

My mad scientist workshop now looks a little different, as we have moved to a new location, with a new Maker's Room. 

Joe and Magdalena caring for the herb and veggie flats. 

Our team has evolved from last year, but I love having these photos of us working in the nursery together. 


Thanks again to the talented crew (and my talented GA crew!) who spent time with us at Garden Apothecary. 

Laurie Frankel, Amy Kloh, Amy Feitelberg, Michelle Mintz and many more who made this campaign possible.