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Girls – how many girls do you have your garden?

Girls, girls, girls! I stole a few moments this weekend to be really girly. Popped a bottle of pink Champagne, tore through some trashy magazines and watched 4 episodes back to back of – well… Girls. Later that afternoon (after sobering up and recycling the magazines, so as to leave no trace of the literary …
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Chateau Bawk Bawk

I designed a vertical garden for a client’s freshly built and devastatingly boring fence in HMB a couple weeks ago. It went from a mundane expansion of fence – to a blanket of lush textures and colors, planted in a way that makes it look like the fence is dripping with foliage and flowers...
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Strickly gratuitous

Nothing pithy or dynamic to write about. Just some pictures of ridiculously gorgeous flowers growing in my garden… and a chicken or two.
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