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saturday m o r n i n g

This morning I went to a farmers market in San Mateo… I needed some goodies for the kitchen and wanted a dose of color first thing in the morning. I can’t think of a more fabulous way to start the weekend. I’m spending the rest of the day with a book (Julia Child memoir) and ...
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A ripple effect in the rain…

So, I fully accept that I’m a total curmudgeon when it comes to really fucking lame emails sent by bored people in their cubicles email chains. You know the ones where “Jesus loves you” and “Buddha blesses you” and “the Universe is filled with light” and “…this cute puppy won’t die!!”
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SATC 2… ehhh, better than poison oak, not better than a truck load of salvia.

So. Ok. I’ve been there. The cult-like agenda of having “the gurls” over to watch Sex and the City every time either : A. an episode aired B. someone got dumped by their rat-bastard boyfriend C. someone was about to dump their rat-bastard boyfriend So, of course I went to see the movie! But I …
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