Wreath care guide for the holidays and beyond.

Your Garden Apothecary wreath was farmed and handmade here in the Bay Area, by folks who have been doing this creative work for generations. All botanicals are free from sprays and lacquers. As with any natural item, the colors will adjust over time. 

Indoor wreath care - 

  1. Pay attention to where you place it to avoid any fire hazards. Be sure to keep away from an open flame or heater vent. Keep your wreath out of direct light in order to hold it’s color and freshness longer. Some wreaths that are kept inside can last up to 2 years or longer. The wreath will naturally dry and the color will fade, but you can decorate with it in many ways for multiple uses.

Outdoor wreath care - 


  1. Keep an eye on the weather. Sometime the rain actually helps keep the wreath fresh (conifer wreaths), and other times it can damage the wreath by washing out the color (oak wreaths). A good rule is to bring your wreath indoors if it’s going to rain, be extremely windy or in south-facing sun over 68 degrees. Although most folks leave their wreaths out no matter the conditions, in order to have your wreath last longer, you can try bringing it inside as needed.

Wreaths that naturally last the longest:

Kiwi Vine
Grape Vine
Succulent (only if planted, not glued)
Mixed Berry
Bay (depends on how you care for it)

Wreaths that naturally last for just a few weeks:

Cut Flower
Conifer; Redwood, Pine, Spruce, Cypress
(Usually the wreaths that smell the best, last the shortest amount of time. Folks tend to buy two of these wreaths during the season to get them from Thanksgiving to Christmas.)

Bay (depends on how you care for it)

For example - Bay wreaths are extremely popular for their look and scent, however they dry out relatively quickly (one week). But if you dry them away from the sun and wind, they turn to a pretty shade of green, and still retain some of their scent. They are also great for cooking with or simmering on the stove with mulling spices. 

And keep in mind - dried botanicals still style so well, indoors and out. Think out of the box with your wreaths and garland this holiday season.