Farm Workshop #002 - Take a Nap.

We all deserve a safe, quiet space in nature to restore ourselves. This workshop, very simply, is designed for you to come to the farm and take a one hour nap. See details below. 

Where: Wildflower Farms, Lobitos Creek Cut-Off, Half Moon Bay. Address to be emailed out the day before. 

When: Thursday, August 3rd - 4pm. Please arrive 10 minutes before. 

Objective: How often do you get to take a nap during the week? Let alone in a blooming, safe, organic, beautiful lavender field? Here is your chance to do something simple and healthy for yourself, by resting and connecting to nature. 


  • Be nature friendly. The point is to connect and rest within nature, so you will be laying on a blanket, with a pillow, on the soil. You may hear crows, gophers, hawks; see butterflies, bumble bees; smell lavender and soil. If you scare easily from bees or are allergic, this is not the workshop for you. 
  • Your job is to breathe deeply and relax. That’s it. No music, cell phones, no talking. Please be respectful of others napping. If you need to adjust/stretch or walk around, kindly be quiet. 


Space is limited to 8 people, with a sliding scale of $10. - $30. Please RSVP to