Herbs: Organic Cacao
Herbs: Organic Cacao
Herbs: Organic Cacao

Herbs: Organic Cacao

Organic raw Cacao - our organic Cacao is straight from the Toledo district of southern Belize, in Central America. Our friends (Eladio, Julio, Juan and family) lovingly tend to their Cacao trees in the beautiful Belizean jungle. With a clean, simple process, made by hand, we offer Cacao powder, nibs and tea. For more info, check our bog posts... we absolutely LOVE our Cacao. 


 The Ritual

Cacao is a strong, healthy, rich plant material that can be used everyday. 

What To Expect

With an intense, nutty, rich, bitter taste, Cacao historically offers many medicinal values. As the main ingredient in chocolate, you can see how the powders, nibs and teas can become an everyday treat. 

How We Use It:

Cacao Tea - steep to taste, sip warm or cold. You can add just hot water, or treat this tea like a black tea, adding milk/sugar. Try it first with just hot water - it's a lovely flavor. 

Cacao Powder & Nibs - use in baking, cooking, smoothies, sprinkle on ice cream, in hot chocolate, etc. Excellent flavor profile with many medicinal properties and healthy plant compounds. 

Be sure to work with a professional herbalist for more details on medicinal teas.