Company Policies and Employee Information

Garden Apothecary Inc. Policies

Garden Apothecary's mission is to offer our community a connection to nature through the experience of our products and our lovely shop, in Half Moon Bay. Through our thoughtfully designed, organic herbal teas, skincare products, plants and handmade gifts, we hope to inspire and remind people of the magic of connecting to nature everyday. 

Please thoroughly read our policies below. We hold a high expectation of even the simplest task, to be done with appropriate care and attention. This information isn’t an all-inclusive document, but it offers a good overview of the work environment and policies.

Code of Conduct

Being situated in a small town gives us opportunity to constantly hone the skills of politeness, great customer service, appropriate decorum and thoughtfulness not only to our customers but to the other businesses around us. We strive to have positive attitudes and professionalism with each interaction, in and out of the work place. We believe in honesty, high standards, kindness and effort. All language used in discussing our products should be inspired directly from Jenn and the website. Clear communication with Jenn and co-workers is required. This means responding to emails, calls and texts within a timely manner (within 24 - 48 hours). 

We do not give out Jenn's personal information or our venders information. If there is an issue, concern or a customer has a problem you cannot support, you can give them Jenn's email address and allow me to handle the situation.

You are not to interact with aggressive or inappropriate customers. If you feel threatened, ask the person to leave and call 911, call Jenn and ask for help at Feed & Fuel. 

 Opening Procedures 

  • Arrive at 9:50am to open the door at exactly 10am or a few minutes sooner. 
  • Clock in on the iPad. 
  • Review the notes either written on the shop counter, or Slack or Google Keep Notes.
  • Count the till. Make adjustments or notes if something is off from $300. in the till. If you have questions, text the person who worked before you, and/or leave a note in the deposit bag with details on any discrepancies, with your name and date. 
  • Turn on lights, turn off outside lights. Turn music on. Unplug chip reader and turn on. 
  • Sweep floors, clean beauty bar, product samples, and anything that looks untidy.
  • Bring Serum tester out from cooler. Shake and test that testers feel/look clean and smell good. (NO TESTERS DURING COVID)
  • Open shop, turn sign to "Open". 
  • Display outside plants. 
  • Mist all tillandsias and rotate. Water indoor plants as needed, and outdoor plants thoroughly. Adjust garden plants to condense in flats, pick off dead leaves, straighten rows. 

Shift Tasks

Slack and Google Keep Notes has notes on cleaning tasks and to-do's. Below are important things to do constantly in the shop. You should rarely have more than an hour down time on a slow day in the shop. See below - and you can always ask for more tasks if needed. 

Constant To-Do's...
  • Mist and shake out tillandsia's. This can be done up to 3 times a day, if it's warm and sunny. 
  • Dusting and Deeper Cleaning - especially the beauty bar and sweeping outside. 
  • Straighten displays, including the bagged teas. Our teas, skincare products/samples and displays should always look perfect. 
  • Organizing behind the counter, in the closet, in the garden.
  • Water the garden, pots, plants. This needs to be done twice a day - depending on the weather. Other garden tasks include pulling weeds, trimming dead flowers or yellowing leaves, etc. Our plants should always look perfect. 
  • Write notes to co-workers to clarify something I have explained, new merchandise details, questions, etc. 
  • Unpack any packages that arrive, text Jenn and save invoices in the deposit bag. 

Closing Procedures 

  • 4:50pm start closing, to be fully closed by 5pm. 
  • Bring all outside display items back to garden or inside as needed. 
  • Turn sign to "Close". 
  • Bring Serum tester to the cooler. (NOT DURING COVID)
  • Plug in chip reader to charge. 
  • Turn off lights, turn on outside lights, close the door. 
  • Count till to exactly $300. Leave drop in your day's drop bag in the deposit bag. Make change as needed. Leave a detailed note inside the drop bag if there is any discrepancies. 
  • Collect garbage to toss in street can on your way out. Add new liner from the closet. 
  • Clock out on the iPad. 
  • Exit shop and lock the door. Double check everything has been brought inside, sign is turned to closed and door is completely locked. 

Mandatory Breaks and Lunch

All employees are to take mandatory breaks. When leaving the shop, always add the exact time you will be returning on the chalk board sign, on the door. *Ask Jenn about break schedule. 


You are expected to come to the shop fueled up and ready for work. Please do not eat breakfast or get ready (do make-up, etc.) once you have clocked in. 

Phone use is permitted within reason and to connect with Jenn or other co-workers, but the privilege can be taken away should management deem it inappropriate. Sitting behind the counter on your phone is not permitted. Be sure to make your calls while on your breaks.

*Bathrooms at San Benito House and Feed & Fuel are permitted at any time during the day. Please clock out, close the shop and lock up - putting up the “Be back in 5 min.” sign on the door. Be sure to sanitize your hands thoroughly.   

Permission for Time Off

1. Email Jenn 3+ weeks ahead of your desired time off, to get approval. If you have a trip planned near or around a holiday (especially between October - December), giving Jenn more time is greatly appreciated. 
2. If you are permitted the time off, email everyone else to see who can cover your shifts and CC Jenn on that email. 
3. When you find someone to cover, add their name and color to the Google Calendar, and edit yours to say you are off (do not delete your name)
4. Circle back via email (CC-ing Jenn) a few days before time off, to confirm your covered shifts with your co-worker. 
*If you find you are sick or it's a last minute emergency, please TEXT Jenn immediately.
*Management will not always be able to permit you to take time off. Please understand we will make allowances as much as possible. Otherwise, you are required to work your scheduled days. 

New Employee Info

Garden Apothecary is committed to an enjoyable working environment and relationships with our employees. We observe equal opportunity employment. Garden Apothecary won’t tolerate discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, or any other status protected by applicable law.

Here are some details for recently hired Garden Apothecary employees. Please email Jenn with any questions, and when set up is complete. 

  • Payroll info is completed by Square. You will receive an email from them to set up your payroll info. Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see it. 
  • Square is your "Time Clock", located in the Square app on the iPad. You have a customer identification number will get a email from Square confirming this. 
  • You will have access to the Google Calendar. Be sure to always use your name and color when adjusting the schedule (after Jenn's approval). 
  • Please download, read and sign the company Non-Disclousure Agreement, and return to Jenn. Keep a copy for yourself. 
  • After filling out all of the forms and reading this page thoroughly, please send Jenn an email stating you have read and understood all of the information and expectations. If you have any questions, please contact Jenn immediately. 
  • Privacy and security is important in the shop and on the internet. Please thoroughly read, sign and submit our Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Use of company tools and items is strictly for company tasks, not personal needs. 
  • Your employment with Garden Apothecary is a voluntary one and is subject to termination by you or Garden Apothecary at will, with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time. Nothing in these policies shall be interpreted to be in conflict with or to eliminate or modify in any way the employment-at-will status of Garden Apothecary employees.

    This policy of employment-at-will may not be modified by any officer or employee and shall not be modified in any publication or document. The only exception to this policy is a written employment agreement approved at the discretion of the President or the Board of Directors, whichever is applicable.

    These personnel policies are not intended to be a contract of employment or a legal document.

  • Read up on your sick leave rights, here
  • You are now a part of our membership to The Herbarium. To learn more about the herbs we sell, please use this site whenever you see fit. Keep the link and password to yourself. Login - - Password - attenuata329 

General Questions 

  • If you have questions regarding your pay or sick time payment, please call or email Jenn.
  • If you feel in danger, the shop has been broken into or that there has been a sizable theft, call 911 (or the number on the card in the cash drawer), then Jenn 650-504-4073.
  • We do not have a shop phone, but customers can email us questions via the website or at
  • We have 2 active cameras that are exclusively monitored by Jennifer Lee Segale. These are monitored for customer theft as well as employee evaluation. If you have any questions or feel uncomfortable about the cameras, please speak with Jenn at any time.
  • Coastside Local (Pacifica, Montara, Moss Beach, El Granada, HMB, Pescadero) get our 5% “Locals Discount” at your discretion.
  • Displays can be changed with the expressed OK from Jenn. When adjusting the outside display, be sure to keep it safe and tightly compacted so as not to cause tripping hazards.
  • Customers are not to adjust (touch) the hanging or window displays. Please help them to see something they are interested in.
  • Dress code includes wearing casual, yet professional clothing. No graphic tees, flip-flops (sandals are OK), cleavage or inappropriate clothing allowed. Questions about clothing can be submitted to Jenn.
  • It’s important that you are on-time each and every work day, including with your breaks. 
  • Do not wear any perfume or scents. 
  • Do not eat fragrant foods (onions, fish, bell peppers, etc.) within the shop at any time.