Garden Kit: The Apothecary Garden
Garden Kit: The Apothecary Garden
Garden Kit: The Apothecary Garden
Garden Kit: The Apothecary Garden

Garden Kit: The Apothecary Garden

It’s Sunday afternoon and the pandemic is over.

You’re meeting some friends to share a bottle of wine and the most epic cheese plate your disaster loan money can buy. As you exit your toilet-paper-laden-home, you look outside and see a beautiful patch of garden that you created.

You. You grew a garden.

During one hell of a rough moment in 2020 you straight up handled business, stayed calm(ish), cared for loved ones, and grew some plants. Your garden might not be perfect - but it felt good to tend to, it looks beautiful and it offered you a bit of kindness and balance on your body.

You’re stoked to finally go out, but pleased to return to a bit more home then you had then when you started.


Hi. I’m Jenn - botanist, farmer, designer, fellow shelter-in-placer, and now your personal gardening coach. I’ve been growing plants for a long time, in just about every situation -  and I’m excited to help you learn about gardening and connect with nature. I’ve curated some of my favorite plant collections that I think you are going to love. Let’s get growing.

This is for the healer in all of us. The person who loves to walk outside and grab something to cook with, make tea with, or use for selfceare (imagine a hot bath filled with fresh chamomile and lavender!). Sun/part sun with well draining soil is appreciated for these plants. Here's what the collection looks like.

10, 3.5”-4” size plants.

2 tools.

15 minute consultation with Jenn to get you going and pick out your tool selection.


  • Lavender provence 
  • Mint
  • Chamomile
  • Borage
  • Alpine Strawberry (3)
  • Dill
  • Yarrow
  • Sage

Here’s Why - Because we all deserve to grow our own food and medicine. This is your own, personal health care system. This is your church or ceremonial tools. This is the collection to teach you to sit with yourself and tune into a variety of plants that can support you. They have been healing for many, many years - give a listen. 

You give, you receive. In general, all of these plants are moderate to low maintenance. If you tend to them, they will look gorgeous and last for a longer time, if not indefinitely. If you forget about them, they’ll forget about you - and peace out. Check watering about 2x per week, build healthy soil by adding organic composts and cultivating from time to time. Deadhead, harvest and trim down when needed. 


*More explanation that’s custom for your area during our consultation.

The more you observe and tend to your garden, the better the garden will look and feel.