Organic White Sage Leaves
Herbs: White Sage

Herbs: White Sage

Ceremonial White Sage (Salvia apiana), organically farmed on our coastal land, in Half Moon Bay, CA. Lovingly tended, gently harvested, dry-farmed. 

The loose leaf collection listing includes a generous bag of dried loose leaf White Sage leaves and stems, in various sizes. These are not bundled sticks. *Image is of fresh, loose leaf White Sage.

The garland listing is a 6' garland we handmade, using one leaf at a time. Each garland is different, made throughout the year using roughly 600 leaves per 6'. 

For burning, not intended for culinary use. Take caution when burning anything. 

Garden Apothecary and our sister-company Wildflower Farms, proudly acknowledges that we farm on the land of the Ramaytush and Ohlone Peoples, which historically have used white sage burning in sacred ceremony. We highly respect the Native American People and their herbs, including salvia apiana. Since burning white sage has become mainstream, please deeply consider using sage sparingly and with great intention. As with all plants, white sage is a limited resource. Thank you to the Ramaytush and Ohlone Peoples who taught us to work with white sage.  

Garden Apothecary owner is quoted on the use of white sage in this article, read here if you'd like to know her thoughts on this on-going issue.