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Farm Workshop #001 - recap

What a pure delight to have a gathering at the farm the other week!

It was a surly Friday evening, with clouds coming and going - until about 7pm, when the sky opened up and the setting sun shown through the back drop of our 100+ year old Cypress trees. If it sounds too dreamy, you're right. It was...

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Notes from the garden on roses.

I try not to play favorites in the garden. April and May though… April and May makes for some easy obsession for the roses in my garden. Last year I found myself picking so many flowers that the garden looked bare by the time it was the first week in June. Which, as a snarky …
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Subtle hues + Is white a color?

“But white isn’t a color.” ~ A few weeks back I did a garden consultation for a rather interesting home. It was atop the bluffs on the Coastside, with a generous front garden and unassuming back yard. I was brought in to add continuity, movement and interest, while keeping the garden as low maintenance as …
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